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Expansion of the facilities

Expansion of the facilities

In 2019 the expansion works were completed, going from an area of ​​1600m2 to one of 3200m2.

Mecàniques Taradell has passed to occupy 1,600-3,600 square meters of the homonymous town of Taradell (Barcelona). The work capacity and the quality of his products, together with the increasing demand of his clients, will suppose the need to expand, in order to duplicate, the six installations to be able to cover it.

All i that at the beginning Mecàniques Taradell was more dedicated to repair and maintenance, both of them have specialized in the construction of machinery and components and mechanizations according to the client's design, in short series, kits and prototypes. In addition, they are capable of developing the complete machine. Now, with the enlargement, you can hold larger fish. The production is intended for various sectors such as metallurgy, the whip, renewables, the aeronautical sector, the automotive industry, printing, packaging, food...

And it is that its work capacity ranges from cutting material to machining (up to a length of 4 meters), welding, painting, they have two painting and assembly booths in case the client provides them with the plans to deliver the finished machine.


On the other side, the space increase has also allowed the expansion of the machinery park and includes two fixed-bed milling machines, 5 machining centers and more than 5 machines, a CNC lathe, a welding robot , a plantographic threading arm and 7 continuous welding devices, in addition to a plasma equipment, a notching machine, a hydraulic press, 3 automatic saws, a CNC saw, two trepants and a folding machine, a lathe, 3 arc equipment Polsat, 7 crane points and two 40 m2 paint booths, at the cost of a magatzem intel·ligent per emmagatzemar barres of 6 meters.


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Expansion of the facilities

In 2019 the expansion works were completed, going from an area of ​​1600m2 to one of 3200m2.
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